Separating single page views from multiple views (reports for <30s)


is there a simple posibility to separate the 0s-30s timeframe of all reports into 0s and 1s-30s? I would like to know how many users are just viewing one page and how many are staying for a few clicks but now longer than 30s.

I found the script VisitorInterest.php which contains the array $timeGap. Adding “array(0, 0),” is already nice, but you will have to substract the number of the 0s-30s range. Adding “array(0, 0.1),” and changing the first one to “array(0.1, 0.5),” results into correct numbers, but the first range ist 0s-6s and not only the single views.

Is there a better way of sovling it?
Is my approch valid for all reports (e.g. weekly email report)?

Many thanks for that great tool!

A one page view will be counted as 10 seconds, so you can count for 10s or less these “single page views”