Separating Piwik components


We are looking to deploy Piwik to a large website, and I have a few questions about deployment.

  1. I’d like to have the piwik front-end (web-UI) not available / accessible from the front-end web servers that are receiving the incoming events. Is this possible? If possible, I’d like to have a separate webserver available within our Intranet for the web-UI, that is only accessible from the intranet domain. Is this kind of thing possible?

  2. in a similar vein, I want to run the cron job on a separate physical machine than the front-end webservers - any concerns about doing this?

Basically what we’re going to have is:

  • multiple load-balanced front-end web servers handling the incoming web events
  • single internal (intranet) web server for viewing the resulting stats / dashboards
  • internal machine to run the cron for processing the events.

Thoughts? Concerns?

Thanx in advance,
Mike W

I don’t know if you found a solution to this. I’m doing something similiar. Instead I have two virtual machines. One is only accessible from intranet and only allows http requests and responses to the second virtual machine. The second virtual machine solely uses the api to add users, add sites and provide only as much info as is needed to the individual users.