SEO Ranking Widget Problem



SEO Ranking widget not showing numbers of google indexed pages, what to do? Also please tell me how to see reports for page speed.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Page speed reports

Google indexed rank: can you post a screenshot? what URL are you testing?



please see the attachment. all report is ok but Google indexed pages showing - pages. How to fix this? also let me know how can I edit piwik meta title and description.



I have the same issue, everything works well with the SEO Rankings Widget except every site shows “Google indexed pages - Pages”.

Piwik is running on a subdomain and hosted in Germany (1&1). Just been updated to 2.1.0, but the widget was the same prior to the update.

Is it a case of Google blocking enquiries as with Keyword (SERP) scraping?

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

If you can reproduce the bug with your domain all thet ime, then it’s a bug. Please create a ticket:

There put the URL to your website so we can reproduce.can you also reproduce same problem with the SEO widget, on ?


As suggested I will add a bug report. However your suggestion to try the demo site proved interesting, it works as it should for the same domains.

This suggests that either the domain/IP is being blocked by Google or that location (Germany) for a UK site is problem?

Thanks for your input. I will post any developments back here for other users.