SEO Ranking Widget Problem


SEO Ranking widget not showing numbers of google indexed pages, what to do? Also please tell me how to see reports for page speed.


Page speed reports

Google indexed rank: can you post a screenshot? what URL are you testing?


please see the attachment. all report is ok but Google indexed pages showing - pages. How to fix this? also let me know how can I edit piwik meta title and description.


I have the same issue, everything works well with the SEO Rankings Widget except every site shows “Google indexed pages - Pages”.

Piwik is running on a subdomain and hosted in Germany (1&1). Just been updated to 2.1.0, but the widget was the same prior to the update.

Is it a case of Google blocking enquiries as with Keyword (SERP) scraping?

If you can reproduce the bug with your domain all thet ime, then it’s a bug. Please create a ticket:

There put the URL to your website so we can reproduce.can you also reproduce same problem with the SEO widget, on ?

As suggested I will add a bug report. However your suggestion to try the demo site proved interesting, it works as it should for the same domains.

This suggests that either the domain/IP is being blocked by Google or that location (Germany) for a UK site is problem?

Thanks for your input. I will post any developments back here for other users.