Sending actions in tracking api, but all say "Page URL not defined"

We are using the tracking API from our Google Chrome extension. In Visitors > Visits Log, we can see the url coming through for the actions we send. But, if I go to Behaviour > Pages, there only one page that says “Page URL not defined.”

We are on Matomo v4.12.1.

An example request from the chrome extension looks like this:


Maybe the data archiving has not been run yet, then data hasn’t been processed yet and is not available… Do other reports (except visits logs) work well?
Other idea: maybe the protocol (or http://) is missing from the url parameter?

This site has been live for awhile, and everything just shows Page URL not defined. I added http:// to the url,and then I got a tracking error that the idsite is 0, but it’s being sent correctly. So, I re-ordered the parameters and sent another request. I received 200, and don’t see any new tracking errors. I suppose I will have to wait until the data processes to see if it’s bring the page (action_name) through properly.

Here is my latest request:

does that format look right to you?

This gives me the following tracking:

Whereas the request without “http%3A%2F%2F” (or http://) gives me the following one (2nd hit: Page URL not defined):