Send WooCommerce purchase data to Facebook Pixel with the Purchase Event information matching the order details

I have woocommerce matomo plugin. I am using matomo tag manager for my configuration.

I am trying to implement facebook purchase pixel event. But the code is not working. If anyone can help me with one of these two issues that would be great.

Issue No. 1:- Matomo debug window is not displaying.

When I activate Matomo Debug mode in Matomo Tag Manager, I can see the message that it activates it. According to the documentation, if I open my site in a new tab I should always see the debug window at the bottom of my screen so that I can view all the triggers, tags, events, etc.

This does not appear. We’ve tested it with multiple users and devices, having each person enable the debug mode and follow the same procedure without success.

When I append the ? debug query at the end of my URL, then I can see the debug window. Since he query does not stay on every page load, when I do a test purchase in WooCommerce Checkout… the debug query is gone when the receipt page is loaded. This means I can’t see the debug window and information. If I append the query, it does not show the purchase tag but that seems normally as I am simply reloading the receipt page and the purchase is not firing again inside of WooCommerce.

Does anyone know how to make the debug information window stick throughout every page load
as I navigate the site and load multiple pages? This would give me the information to further troubleshoot.

Issue No. 2:- Facebook does not appear to receive the data.

I setup the following Tag in Matomo Tag Manager:

Then I also setup the following Trigger:

Name is “Order Purchase”

It only triggers when “form destination url” contains “/checkout”

I also tried this variation of the Tag (That’s because I have the Matomo Tag firing successfully for the Facebook Pixel View event and I wasn’t sure if I needed to re-enter the complete code on the purchase event):

We have created variable named “Marketing Cookie”

Finally, when I go to Matomo itself we can see the eCommerce purchase data coming through. This at least validates that the Matomo WooCommerce plugin is operation properly.

Desired outcome: Send WooCommerce purchase data to Facebook Pixel with the Purchase Event information matching the order details.

Thanks in advance.