Send a report - access denied

I’m trying to configurate automatic report.
When I click on send automatic report but everytime I click on ‘send report now’, an error occures:
“An error occurred while sending ‘CSV Email Report - 4.2018-05-19,2018-06-17.1.en.csv’ to Error was ‘Permission denied’”

I tried to change the file format and the priodicity without success.

Please help me :slight_smile:

That sounds like a general problem with the mail() function.

Do you use the inbuild PHP mailer or did you setup SMTP credentials?

If you use the PHP mailer and have access to an SSH shell try: mail -s 'Test' < /dev/null and su - www-data -c "mail -s 'Test' < /dev/null".

Also you can try, setting up the mail with SMTP and check if that works.