Is there a way to not count all the hits from this ?
they are just all over the logs and always from a different IP.

This post deals with,114416,115225#msg-115225

The update to Piwik mentioned in that post only deals with getting Piwik to no longer display hits to your sites caused by spam from

If you really want to block these spam referrals (which is what I’d recommend) so that they’re not even seen by your web site or by Piwik, you should implement the .htaccess method also mentioned in that post. If you’re tracking more than one site, you need to implement the .htaccess method in each of your sites individually or in a web server configuration file as discussed in various on-line posts dealing with the ramifications of using a .htaccess file. Search with Google for “.htaccess”.

You need to be cautious about using a .htaccess file – some on-line applications already use the .htaccess file for various things, so you can’t just replace the existing one.

Thx, for the replay but I do not see any clear instructions on what to do,

If you don’t understand the instructions on setting up a .htaccess file, you should contact your server support for help. Point them at the discussion mentioned above, and they will know what to do.

If you’re not concerned about all those spam accesses to your site that appear to be from and merely want Piwik to not report them, you can either wait for the next release of Piwik (version 2.3.0) or download and upgrade to the latest Beta version. Instructions for downloading the latest Beta are in another post recently started by Matt.

Here’s the link to Matt’s post about the latest 2.3.0 Beta release:,115796,115828#msg-115828

Referrer spam blacklist was implemented in Implement a default Referrer spam blacklist · Issue #2268 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub