Selective tag publishing in versions

Our most recent version in tag manager contains some tags that we would like to push live but some that we would like to hold on pushing live for the time being.

Is there a way to selectively publish a selection of tags within a version? Or is there a work around that anyone would recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Adam,

What you are maybe interested in sounds a bit like Workspaces. Feel free to create an issue here: Issues · matomo-org/tag-manager · GitHub

I highly doubt we will work on this in the next year as it’s quite complex and time consuming and rather rarely needed. I recommend you create an issue and we see if other people mention this feature over time as well. I reckon we would only work on this feature soon though if it was sponsored for example.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the quick reply, I will add this to github and try and try to find a work around for the time being.