Selective evaluations using segments

Hello team, @heurteph-ei .

First of all, a big compliment for the great software.

We would like to create selective evaluations of website parts. According to the documentation and our tests, this is unfortunately not possible.

To be a little clearer:
The entire company is mapped in a SharePoint. This company has divisions that are not allowed to see each other. In SharePoint, this is controlled via permissions. The users can see the content of the “general” SharePoint area + 1 or 2 other departments.
Now we would like to evaluate the usage of the whole Sharepoint and the usage of every department. For every department the manager should get these numbers sent as an e-mail report directly from Matomo. A department manager may only see how the SharePoint pages of his department are used, not which pages (out of his department) a user has also used.
As you can see from the Matomo documentation, this is not possible. The other content used is always evaluated with the created segments.
The use of the “Custom Reports” plugin does not help us here either, since the information that can be evaluated does not offer the desired selection.

We would like a way to make selective evaluations using segments. A segment should be given the option to only output visits to, for example, the URLs defined in the segment.


Hi @waldemar1
How many deperments do you need to track?