Segments Pre-processed report is not fetching last year data


Hi Team,

Recently we have upgraded our piwik to matomo 3.5.1 version. Post upgrade, segments are not fetching data for last year.
We have tried archiving the entire data, and also particular to the site. Issue still persists.
Also, tried invalidating the report and re-archive
using core:invalidate-report-data --dates=2017-01-12,2018-07-15 --periods=day --sites=877539568
Still issue persists.
Please suggest!!!


You might try to re-archive for all periods and all segments instead of just periods=day.

Also, running a core cache:clear to ensure you’re seeing the latest.

Also, your command above doesn’t include a re-archive, but I assume you know that. When you re-archive, you should see output that indicates that no websites were skipped.

We’ve had odd behavior with the command like invalidation. Instead we use the Invalidation Plugin, which works every time.

Then we initiate archiving on the command line, or just wait for cron job.


Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I tried re-archive per segment basis only. I tried installing the invalidation plugin and tried invalidating per segment for last 24 months. waited till next archive process run. Still the issue persists. Between cache:clear is also executed.
Also, I am sure that we have data in our database vistior_log table for last year.


When nothing else works, I usually drop the _archive tables. This is the only way to be 100% certain the data will not be saved. For safety, I usually rename them (with an underscore prefix), then re-archive. If data looks good, then I drop 'em.



Thanks for the reply. I have tried with your suggestion. After that, data is there from 2017/08 only. Didnt get data from 2017/01 to 2017/07.

Also, in Piwik UI, Delete old visitor logs(360 days sare configured) and Delete old archived reports(12 months is ocnfigured). Will it have any impact on the data? If yes, how can I retrieve the data for last year Jant to July.
Please suggest.


Be careful you don’t lose data. If you delete the visitor logs, you will not be able to re-archive.

After that, data is there from 2017/08 only.

That’s odd. Which archive tables did you remove/rename?

Also, is the archive process reporting any errors? If it is a very busy site, it can run into fatal errors while archiving.


When I try to archive, few times I receive below error.
GeoIPAutoUpdater: failed to download ‘

Since delete visitor logs is enabled, I am unable to re-archive the data and hence segments report is not fetching it.


Thanks for the reply. It worked.