Segments by custom dimension incorrect

We have an action-scope custom dimension that users use to build custom segments.

The issue is that the reports are not “completely” segmented. We have visits with actions where the custom dimension value changes from action to action.

Notice the Segment is filtered to show where CustomDimension2 is 16869.

However, in the segmented log it clearly shows actions where CustomDimension2 is 16868.

So this isn’t really “Show me actions where CustomDimension2 = 16868, its show me visits that included actions where CustomDimension2 = 16868”

CustomDimension2 for us is an ID number that is unique to the page title (Doctor Finder and Rich Media in that screenshot) The result is that the Page Title Widget shows Page Titles which never corresponded to CustomDimension2 = 16868.

What’s further perplexing is that in the segmented dashboard, when you click on the Page Title row to view the segmented log, it is empty because there actually are no rows where Page Title = “Doctor Finder” and CustomDimension2 = 16868

Is that the intended behavior? Is there a way to fully segment the report to limit the actions, and the associated page titles (etc) to those where the segment condition is true?