Segments behaving weirdly with transitions reports

I’m encountering some weird behaviour from the Piwik installed on one of the websites I help manage, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what’s going on. As a user starts using segments to target their search to specific pages, Piwik seems to be losing details of outlinks and destinations in both its regular stats and the transitions report. It seems that the outgoing traffic stats are only being captured if the destination page is also in that segment.

I’ve included some screenshots at the bottom of the post to visualise what I mean. Screenshot A shows the transitions report for a page when opened from the All Visits segment. Note the page I’ve marked as A. Screenshot B is that same transitions report, captured while running a segment of only the target page, and page A. Screenshot C is the report taken from a segment containing only the target page. I’m using transitions to show it visually here but this also affects regular reports when it comes to outlinks/downloads numbers and the like.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? If someone could help me diagnose what’s happening here it would be really helpful. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of segments and this is intended behaviour, is it something that might need tweaking in a config file, is it a known bug because I’m running an old version (The server is stuck with an old version of PHP)?