Segments and 2 Goals


I track one goal "Item Added to Shopping Cart (ID 1) and another one “Flyoutmenu with shoppingcart content was used (ID 2)”. Now, I choose the segment “Visit converted a specific goal ID” and selected #2.

After that, the segment is selected and I clicked on the mainmenu Goals -> Goal #2. I expected to see the relation of the two goals, but I don’t. Is this an error in reasoning (hope this is the right translation) or am I doing something wrong?

If I select e.g. the “Visit a specific Page” segment, I will get the relation betweeen the Visit AND the goal.

Would be nice, if anyone could help me.

Hi there, did you find out how to do that? I also can’t segment a Goal with Visit converted a specific goal. Would be very nice if someone could help me.