Segmenting pages into topics


I tried the search function but I couldn’t find anything to closely related, so here’s my question:

I would like to have analytics about some pages which are correlated to one another. What I mean by that is, that if several pages fall under the same kind of caterogy for example I would like to have analysis or statistics about all these pages together.

To give an example: If I had a page which covered several kinds of sports, like football, basketball, handball, hockey, and so one each of the type of sports would fit one type of theme, like football. On my website there might be several pages on different locations of my site which all cover football as a sport. Like football news on the news section, blog posts about football, general information in the football section etc. .

Is there any way I can categorize, cluster, group, segment,…, these pages together to find out, for example, which sport overall has the most traffic, input, visitors and all these things?

Thank you