Segmenting by bot and non-bot visitors

Hi. I’m wondering if anyone has a practical way to track both probable human visits and bot visits. I’m interested in both and want to view segments for each.

Prior to Matomo 4.0, I used a Custom Variable for the Bot property to create a segment. This didn’t work great, but it did capture well-known (GoogleBot, etc.) bot visits. In 4.0, I tried to do something similar with Custom Dimensions but can’t seem to use my Custom Dimension to create a segment. (I did notice that Operating System sometimes has a value of “Bot”, but a segment created with that filter captures very little.)

Is there another way to do this with Custom Dimensions in 4.x? Or is there a better way?

Looks like I was able to accomplish this by segmenting on Operating System Code = Bot, though it did seem to take until the next log ingest for changes to appear.