Hey Piwik-Team,

great tool, great work =)
We are evaluating Piwik for a customer (> 250 websites), but I did not find any functionality for

  1. segmentation, e.g. show me all “visits who had parameter xy” versus “all visits”
  2. timely comparison (this month vs last month)

Who from the team should we talk to get this done? (at last the first point)
Both are vital parts of analytics, without it’s merely statistics =)

We’ve been working with Sitecatalyst, Clicktracks, GA and another couple of tools since 1998.
We probably can provide some good insights from power user perspective. If our help is welcome, send me a PN or an email.

Cheers /v

  1. segmentation: this is not planned for Piwik 1.0
  2. this is planned and in development, see the ticket:

By “getting this done”, what did you mean exactly? if you have resources to invest in Piwik, we would gladly help you to get things you need done. Check out the roadmap for our 3-5 months vision: