Segmentation for Live data

I’m using the Live.getLastVisitsDetails method to get data from the API.

I would like to filter data by pageTitle or pageUrl using segmentation but I think it’s not working because this data are in the subset [actionDetails].

[actionDetails] => Array
    [0] => Array
            [type] => action
            [url] =>
            [pageTitle] =>
            [pageIdAction] => 15
            [pageId] => 96
            [serverTimePretty] => Sat 4 Feb 16:07:16
            [icon] => 

How can I get the live data filtered by pageTitle or PageUrl?



It works for me, it will returna ll visitors that viewed at least one page that matches the segment.

Hi Matt,

this is the query I’m using, please can you show me what I’m doing wrong :


Update to 1.7 beta which fixes this bug : pageUrl segment does not work with =@ contains operator · Issue #2727 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub,83913

Ok Matt,

I’ve updated and now it’s working :slight_smile:

After updated it I can’t see the widgets on dashboard and the datepicker doesn’t work but for the moment it’s not my priority.



Marco, try to delete files in piwik/tmp/assets/*
then refresh Piwik ?

does it work ?

If widgets still dont load, try to reupload ALL files and make sure it works.

Does it work?

If not, please send me a PM with your piwik URL and password so I can see myself


I think is something related to cache/cookies in Chrome. I’ve opened Piwik in Opera and Safari, dashboard and datapicker work normally.


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