Segmentation fields "adprovider, adclickid" in Cloud Hosted Platform

In the Cloud Hosted Platform I saw that there are two values adprovider, adclickid as segmentation fields for acquisition.
They are mentioned here, but not documented in detail.

In which reports can I work with it? How exactly do the URL parameters have to be named for Matomo to process them?
Are the parameters related to any premium plugin?

Anyone know anything more about it?

Hi @utrautma,

Ad Click ID and Ad Provider are the dimensions mainly used in the space Advertising conversion export, click Id is generated by the ad provider for example, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads etc and passed in along with the campaign URL.

If you would like to build a report based on this or create a segment you may use these dimensions.

Yes, these values are related to placements of advertisments.