Segmentation based on events doesn't permit actions reporting

I created several segments based on events. In setting up the segments, I did a very simple structure (in this case, event action = x) that seems to work.

When I run visitor-related or referrer-related reports, I can see lots of user attributes for that segment. However, when I view similar reports for any Action attribute (pages, entry pages, referrers, etc.), Piwik tells me “there is no data for this report.” A use case would be show me how many pageviews where a particular event occurred. I can see data related to the visits/visitors within that segment, but nothing about pages.

There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for this, so is this just a reporting limitation that I need to work around with a direct database query?

Did you work around this? I have the same issue-- why creating a segment (event=x) doesnt show data for Actions? I just want to know what does user segment behave.