Segment page url

I am trying to segments visits that do not contain a page URL (Page URL is not after_login). After I apply the segment, the page views of after_login is not 0.
Is this the expected behavior?

Yes it is.
With this segment, you’ll get all visit containing some pages that are not “after_login”

Maybe the solution for you (to be tested) could be adding a custom visit dimension after_login page reached, set to 0 by default and set to 1 as soon as the page has been reached (then, the dimension value must not be reset to 0 during the rest of navigation!).
Then you’ll be able to create a segment on that custom dimension…

This was also what I thought.
But when I test your cases with ‘page URL is not after login’:
Only visit 2 appears.

So is your problem solved now?

Yes thanks. But I think there is a bug when using segment and timezone together which causes my confusion. When timezone shift the pageviews to another day, the pageurl segment does not apply properly. After setting the timezone in the measurable and each page view to be 0, the page view of after_login is 0.

To reproduce, create a website with UTC+6 timezone. Insert 2 identical visits to the website (except the time, use 0500 and 1500)(also specify the timezone to be +0600. Add a segment: pageurl is not ‘page1’. Go to behaviour/pages and apply the segment. The pageviews is 1 for all pages. However since the 2 visits are identical except time, the result is not correct.