Segment operator "=@" failure

I’m testing api-methods and segmentations (piwik 1.6.).
I was happy to find the powerful segment operator =@ (contending), but it doesn’t seem to work as I expected. An example:

I have defined two pages with title “design/print” and “design/online”.
Now I want to get data about pages containing “design” in the title.
So I combine

-> this doesn’t get any data!

When I use the operator == with full title it does work:

@= also doesn’t seem to work with the segment pageUrl

Could this be a bug?
It would be great to fix it, because this would be an important segment-operator for getting api-based statistcs of specific pages in my websites!!

known bug: pageUrl segment does not work with =@ contains operator · Issue #2727 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

please note that the bug report in only refers to segment pageUrl, but =@ also doesn’t work for segment pageTitle.

Will this be fixed with the next piwik update?