Segment/filter that only includes pages *published* in a specific time range?


I’m looking for a way to build a segment that shows me recent traffic to pages that have been published within a specific time range. I suppose this information is available within the Matomo database via the annotations.

Does anyone have an idea on how to filter results by publishing date / annotation date of the pages?

My goal is to find out which of the articles I published during Covid (like between March 2020 and December 2021 or so) still get traffic, and which I can dump because there is no traffic generated anymore.

Thanks and kind regards

Hi @fne
I would suggest either you add a date in the page URLs (eg mysite.example/category/subcategory/20200724-my-articleor even mysite.example/articles/2020-07-24/my-article) or track a custom action dimension containing the publication date as this is almost done in the demo site (author instead of publication date):

Please note that segments are not filters. Segments work on visit (eg. get all visits that displayed this page). Whereas filters could work on events… (filters are available in Custom Reports premium plugin)

Great, thanks. A custom action dimension for sure is a good solution for the future.

In the meantime, I did a workaround for past data by combining the analytics data from Matomo with database information from Wordpress (i.e. thepublish date), consolidating that data in an Excel sheet with the pages’ URLs as a joint data field. It works pretty well, though it’s quite some manual work to get this dione :wink:

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