Segment filter for specific URL shows Pages not in that filter range


I’ve created a segment for a page where the URL should only show results from a specific URL (Rechtsnormen-Datenbank). I’ve created this both manually and also from the general Page view and filtering via popup.

When the created segment is selected, in the Behaviour > Pages module I now see my URL, but also a couple of other URLs that are definitely not related to the filtered URL (search results for example). If I click to see the visitor data for that URL, it also shows me (correctly) that no data could be found for that segment. Clicking the proper URL, it does show the visitor data for that URL.

My question is: Why do other seemingly independent pages show up there? I would expect only seeing the exact URL there. Is it a bug, or a missing option I need to check? Something wrong with the database or people maliciously calling the tracker URL?

I can infer from Filter Page URLs by Segments that this is somehow intentional bevhariour, but then I would expect clicking on a “related” visit to see actual data, and not an empty popup?

IMO the solution in that article by adding a goal is not a good alternative. It would not filter on the existing data but only start collecting data for the goal upon creation. :frowning:

Thanks for any suggestions.

We do have the same problem. Is there already a solution? :slight_smile:
One additional information: We use the tag-manager to collect the data.
Best regards.

Unfortunately, this is caused by a change in logic of how segments should work: Segments not filtering correctly · Issue #15163 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub