Segment editor issue



I am new to Piwik and I have an issue using the segment editor. It seems to me that the combination of rules with the “and” operator is not working correctly? I tried combining visits that contain within the “Site-Url” the string “a.html” with those containing within the “Site-Url” the string “b.html” and it gives not results even if I clearly can see visits within the log containing both such urls. The same issue arises when I want to have visits that achieved 2 different goals (e.g. goal with id 1 and goal with id 2).

Interestingly the “or” operator works as I expected. Is it a bug or did I make some mistake in the usage? I am using piwik 2.10.0.

Thanks for your amazing work!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

in your case, you actually want to use OR rather than AND since you want to select users who visited pageA OR pageB


I really need “and” in this case. Want to find out whether customers really visit both pages. I filed an issue as suggested by you in the issue tracker.

Thanks for your help!