Segment causes inconsistent average time on page

Hi everybody,

I’d like to create a segment so that only the page-titles of pages that contain a certain string inside the URL (for example pageUrl="/cms/" ) are displayed.
So the segment works, but it seems to affect the “avg. time on page” values in a strange way.
For example:
A certain Page shows without segment about 22min time on page and with segment it show about 46 seconds (see files attached). All the other metics seem to be identical, though.

Does anybody have the same or a similar issue or is that somehow the expected behavior for a segment like this?

I’m using piwik 2.0.3, by the way.


I haven’t checked myself, but If you are 100% sure this is a Bug and data is wrong, please create a ticket at: with the screenshots to compare, and explanation. I will reply there so the bug is documented (even if we may not fix it quickly)

Hi Piwik Forums,

I believe we are seeing a different manifestation of the same problem.

We want to take advantage of the segmentation feature to send each segments’ content manager a monthly report email (html, not pdf) via the built-in reporting tab that has only “Actions: Page titles” chosen. We noticed that the avg. time on page that we saw drilling down from the default “All visits” segment did not match the avg. time spent in our reports for any specified segment, even though the other stats matched. I am able to see the avg. time mismatch between “All visits” and any chosen segment in the Piwik interface as well, so it doesn’t look like it’s a problem with generating the report.

For an example, I have attached two screen shots that I think should be reporting the same information. The file piwik-dsg-segment shows our segment DSG (defined by Page URL here) had an avg. time on page of 20s. In the file piwik-all-visits-dsg, the DSG Home Page statistics match DSG segment’s - with the exception that the avg. time on page is reported as 2min 29s.

I have re-read the documentation on how to set up segments and tried using various definitions for the segment, but I cannot get the avg. time for a segment to match the avg time that is reported by drilling down from “All visits” under Actions: Page titles. [The stats for my various segment definitions did match each other though!] If I’m missing something, please let me know.

Bug #4719 was apparently opened per Stefan’s question above and is now a low priority. I have two questions:

  1. Is there any chance this can be fixed in the next month or two?
  2. Is there any work around?

Thank you for any assistance you can give me.


Maybe you can comment on the bug report or maybe even create a duplicate to create some exposure on the issue. Maybe it raises the priority on the bug, cause I’d love to have that fixed as soon as possible!

please post the key information on the existing ticket if you can (since we won’t read this forum post when fixing the ticket)

if you need this bug fixed ASAP please sponsor our time to work on it. Contact us via:

Thanks - I figured out how to attach my comments from this thread to the bug.