Segment 'campaignName' is not a supported segment

Hey Guys,
I’ve run into a bit of a head scratcher. We’re trying to use the reporting api to grab a breakdown of traffic by country for specific campaigns.

The request on the demo site looks like this:

and works completely fine.
However, if we do it on our site (same exact version of PIWIK as the demo site), rather then the expected output, we get:
{“result”:“error”,“message”:“Segment ‘campaignName’ is not a supported segment.”}

Other segmentations such as country “countryCode” and so forth seem to work properly, but none of the campaign related ones seem to. If i put no segment at all, I get a breakdown of traffic by country exactly as expected for all traffic to the site for the range in question.

Any ideas? Does this functionality have to be enabled somewhere?

For anyone else that runs into this issue for whatever reason, I found a workaround. I used

and it gave me the expected data.

You may need to use the following plugin to get the new campaign segments in your piwik: