Segment by Page URL doesn't work


I create some segments in order to filter traffics by sections of the website but it doesn’t work.
For exemple, when applying the segment “Page starting with /title-of-section1”, but i have results of pages whose URL doesn’t start with /title-of-section1.

Anyone has an idea why or how to segment traffics using URL correctly ?

Thanks in advance.

Segment is used to segment visits, not do segment pages.
Look there for segment examples:

Thank you for your response.

Maybe I was not clear, but I actually don’t want to segment pages.

Imagine I have 4 pages under the section About us : Introduction, Our mission, Our Value, Work with us.
Their URLs are :

I want to know how many visits of these above pages, I create the segment Page URL : starting with /about-us.

That is not how it’s supposed to work ? Do you have any idea how to do it ?

Thanks again.

Segments won’t do what you wants (cf. my last post)
But doesn’t the page report already do what you want?

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Thank you very much ! I didn’t pay attention that the page report gives that information !