Segment by ips who are not within a range

Ok. I answered by myself. Actually, the answer was not that difficult. IPs are numbers so the answer is:

  1. segment internal
    Condition: include all IPs at least (first internal IP) AND at most
    (last internal IP)
  2. segment external
    Condition: include all IPs less than OR greater than

Dear all,
I need to analyse data of internal and external users. My tracking code has no ip filtering because I also need to analyse the things in the whole.
I can define a segment called Internal by define a rule with the condition all ips within a range.
How can define a segment for external userst which have ips not in the range?
I forgot to say that internal users have private ips in the range 10.18.. while external user have public ips.

I moved from Google Analytics where you can have different view using condition in or not in the ips range. Is that possible in Matomo?