Segment archive settings

Hi Matomo Team!

When I run archive with the option “–force-idsegments” for a site that has more than one segment, the segments are aggregated, but “all visits” are not archived.(When there is only one segment, “all visits” and segment are both archived)

This has been happening since Matomo 4.0.0. Is this a specification?
Is there any way to archive “all visit” only?

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I learned about “–disable-segments” here, but could not find it.
I checked the archive options and they are as follows:

php /XXXX/XXXX/console help core:archive
core:archive [–url="…"] [–skip-idsites[="…"]] [–skip-all-segments] [–force-idsites[="…"]] [–skip-segments-today] [–force-periods[="…"]] [–force-date-last-n[="…"]] [–force-date-range[="…"]] [–force-idsegments="…"] [–concurrent-requests-per-website[="…"]] [–concurrent-archivers[="…"]] [–max-websites-to-process="…"] [–max-archives-to-process="…"] [–disable-scheduled-tasks] [–accept-invalid-ssl-certificate] [–php-cli-options[="…"]] [–force-all-websites] [–force-report[="…"]]
–url Forces the value of this option to be used as the URL to Piwik.
If your system does not support archiving with CLI processes, you may need to set this in order for the archiving HTTP requests to use the desired URLs.
–skip-idsites If specified, archiving will be skipped for these websites (in case these website ids would have been archived).
–skip-all-segments If specified, all segments will be skipped during archiving.
–force-idsites If specified, archiving will be processed only for these Sites Ids (comma separated)
–skip-segments-today If specified, segments will be only archived for yesterday, but not today. If the segment was created or changed recently, then it will still be archived for today and the setting will be ignored for this segment.
–force-periods If specified, archiving will be processed only for these Periods (comma separated eg. day,week,month,year,range)
–force-date-last-n Deprecated. Please use the “process_new_segments_from” INI configuration option instead.
–force-date-range If specified, archiving will be processed only for periods included in this date range. Format: YYYY-MM-DD,YYYY-MM-DD
–force-idsegments If specified, only these segments will be processed (if the segment should be applied to a site in the first place).
Specify stored segment IDs, not the segments themselves, eg, 1,2,3.
Note: if identical segments exist w/ different IDs, they will both be skipped, even if you only supply one ID.
–concurrent-requests-per-website When processing a website and its segments, number of requests to process in parallel (default: 3)
–concurrent-archivers The number of max archivers to run in parallel. Depending on how you start the archiver as a cronjob, you may need to double the amount of archivers allowed if the same process appears twice in the ps ex output. (default: false)
–max-websites-to-process Maximum number of websites to process during a single execution of the archiver. Can be used to limit the process lifetime e.g. to avoid increasing memory usage.
–max-archives-to-process Maximum number of archives to process during a single execution of the archiver. Can be used to limit the process lifetime e.g. to avoid increasing memory usage.
–disable-scheduled-tasks Skips executing Scheduled tasks (sending scheduled reports, db optimization, etc.).
–accept-invalid-ssl-certificate It is NOT recommended to use this argument. Instead, you should use a valid SSL certificate!
It can be useful if you specified --url=https://… or if you are using Piwik with force_ssl=1
–php-cli-options Forwards the PHP configuration options to the PHP CLI command. For example “-d memory_limit=8G”. Note: These options are only applied if the archiver actually uses CLI and not HTTP. (default: “”)
–force-all-websites Force archiving all websites.
–force-report If specified, only processes invalidations for a specific report in a specific plugin. Value must be in the format of “MyPlugin.myReport”.
–help (-h) Display this help message
–quiet (-q) Do not output any message
–verbose (-v|vv|vvv) Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug
–version (-V) Display this application version
–ansi Force ANSI output
–no-ansi Disable ANSI output
–no-interaction (-n) Do not ask any interactive question
–matomo-domain Matomo URL (protocol and domain) eg. “
–xhprof Enable profiling with XHProf
–ignore-warn Return 0 exit code even if there are warning logs or error logs detected in the command output.
It is recommended to run the script without any option.
This script should be executed every hour via crontab, or as a daemon.
You can also run it via http:// by specifying the Super User &token_auth=XYZ as a parameter (‘Web Cron’),
but it is recommended to run it via command line/CLI instead.
If you have any suggestion about this script, please let the team know at

Matomo is currently in version 4.10.0. Maybe the option --disable-segment appeared in a later version?
→ Check with --skip-all-segments option

Is it possible for you to update to a later version?