Segment AND clause not working

I tried the visitor ID filter on its own and it works.

When I append it as the 2nd criteria to a segments’ AND clause it doesn’t work, no visitors are shown.

The 1st criteria filters out all visit times < 1s.

It seems like a bug to me.

Have you reached any conclusion?

I encountered kind of the same behavior when using the AND clause.
I applied an initial “URL contains” condition and it was okay.
Then I added a second “URL contains” condition using the AND clause, but the output resulted in zero visitors.
The segment was meant to include the sessions with pageviews for both of the the above URLs.

No conclusion except the bug hasn’t been fixed XD

I worked around it in my use case by filtering out all <1 second visits to clean out the spammers but I see you have another use case.

I created a new topic about my use case, eventually.
And started a thread with a Matomo Team Member.
Appreciate your prompt answer.

By the way, how did you filter the traffic? Did you use segmentation?

Just one segment.

Thanks for sharing.

Just for following, the discussion you mentioned previously: