Segfault on flatten mode


Hi there,

We have a huge database for piwik because we must keep all data for our customer (even unique visitors, pages, download,etc…), the DB weights more than 100GB. we had reconfigure piwik to keep top 2000 instead of top 500 for tables and subtables.

When i try to flatten pages list or download, i encounter a segault error in php-fpm, but if i display hierachical data it’s ok (even in weekly, or yearly).

kernel: php-fpm[26564]: segfault at 7fbc50529431 ip 00007fa7523abb89 sp 00007ffc97ec0e40 error 4 in php-fpm[7fa752125000+3d0000]

  • does the flatten mode consumes more memory?
  • does the db size in cause there?
  • I assume that this can be a php bug, but i do not find more informations in logs (debug), is there a way to go deeper into piwik debugging for this particular error easily?

thx for your help,


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi manu

it’s recommended to upgrade to latest stable PHP version which may fix this issue.

to troubleshoot a segfault, you have to use strace on the crashing process.