Segement do not Work


the following problem:
A segment was created with the following content:
Page URL => starts with =>

if you now use this segment in the “Behavior = Pages” report, you will still see pages that do not start with the parameters mentioned above.
We have also tested the following:
Page URL => contains => /007/007/002
This variant also encoded "%2F007%2F007%2F002! in different variants, unfortunately always with the same wrong result. Switching to “Action-URL” did not bring any improvement either.
If you filter the report with a magnifying glass you get the right result, so it can’t be the content.
Even if you use the segment in the email report, the results are wrong.
Using this URL via the API also gives wrong results:

In general, it seems to be the case that segments do not work.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Matomo: 3.13.3
PHP: 7.2.5
MariaDB: 10.XX

Thanks in advance.