Seeking advice on How to Implement Site Access Plugin

I have a plugin that provisions access to sites for existing Matomo users. It has been working really well for those that already have access to at least 1 site. I am unsure how to implement it to support users with no current site access. I implemented the plugin as a controller action. It looks like users without at least read access to 1 site are forbidden to execute actions on the plugin as they get the no access error. Any tips? This is the plugin

Thank you,

Hi @jbrulz
Maybe @RonanChardonneau or @ronan_hello can give some tips? They already created some plugins…


I need more context to be get a complete response.
This plugin is used to sync CMS users to Matomo and grant site access right ?

Did you try using the API ? With bulk request ?
You will be able to handle users with 1, n or 0 websites in a row without any limitations.

But if you want a fancy GUI in order to reproduce the action several times, you may contact the plugin editor and hope for an update.