Seeing install page again after i restarted matomo docker


there is a github issue opened for this

so from what @Lukas said
the file matomo checks for is config/config.ini.php [not piwik.php file] but now that i know that i will fix that for future setup

BUT how can i retrieve my old setup and data?
can i just create the config/config.ini.php file?
if YES then what does the content of that file look like???

am assuming it will contain config settings to access my database and all that

please help

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As mentioned in

you can just go through the setup again entering the existing database and the correct file is created.
You may have to reinstall plugins


how can i avoid this entirely?

if you tell me why it goes to installation page when database is already created then i can stop that and allow this to function properly which is to go straight to application if installation is already done

imagine if other applications are like this, take you to installation page every time there is restart or something? that is not a good thing

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Every other PHP application does this. Try deleting the wp-config.php and Wordpress will show you the installation page.

The question why this file doesn’t get saved when restarting the docker container is something I can’t help you with as I know too little about how docker works.


I did not delete any file

Did you not read my messages? I said i restarted the app
and it is going back to installation page

All am asking is why did it go back to the installation page? Anything else it looks for other than config/config.ini.php and also is that anything that deletes a file when the container is retstarted or tries to reset the whole thing to go back to installation setup again?


ok just confirmed that when the docker is restarted the config/config.ini.php disappears; dont know why this is the case

Can you please explain how and why this happens?

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I too cannot help you with this, you need to ask someone with docker experience.