See source of traffic for specific pages

Hi there

I recently switched from GA to matomo.
I want to see the traffic split (between organic and paid) for certain pages.

For example, the page had 100 visits. 50 coming from search and 50 coming from paid.

I know that in Matomo I need to setup a custom report for this, however I am not able to set it up as I’d like.

If I use “Dimension>Page url” title and “Metrics>Unique channel type”, I get a table view, but it lists of how many unique channel types there are and not of how many visits there are per channel to each page.

If I use “Dimensions>Page url” and “Dimensions>Channel type”, in order to see how many visits per channel, I need to open up each single page detail with the + icon and look into it to see how many visits there are per channel. But I don’t have a table view to easily compare between them.

Can anyone help me with this?

Also, when is secondary dimension analyis coming from matomo? It was a great feature of GA and I think it’s used a lot to do data analysis. Not having it in 2023 seems very weak…

Thank you all

  1. Go to Matomo and navigate to the “Custom Reports” section.
  2. Click on “Create a new custom report” or select an existing custom report that you want to modify.
  3. In the “Metrics” section, select “Unique Visitors” or “Visits” (depending on your preference) to see the number of visits.
  4. In the “Dimensions” section, select “Page URL” to group the data by page.
  5. In the “Secondary Dimensions” section (if available), select “Channel Type” to see the breakdown of visits by channel (e.g., organic, paid).
  6. Save the custom report and view the results.

I hope this works for you!