See all fired tags of one debug session

I am a new to Matomo and its Tag Manager. I used to work with GTM.

My problem is when I created tags in GTM, I would then go into debug mode and click through my actions for the tags. In GTM, I could see every tag fired in that debug session, whether it loaded a new page or not.

In Matomo, when I use debug mode, the debug mode window is always cleared when a new page is loaded. This means, for example, that I cannot see whether the tag for a button that leads to another page is triggered.
Or I have created a tag to see if a form has been submitted. When the form is submitted, a thank you page is displayed. Therefore, the debug mode window clears before I can see if my tag has been triggered or not for the submitted form. (I don’t want to track the thank you page for various reasons, and it wouldn’t solve the problem in general).

How can I see all the tags that fired during a debug session?
Thank you!