Security load ERR + No Response ERR since 2 versions back

We have been using Piwik with joy for over a decade. I’m a stats junkie and check Piwik every other 5 minutes, but it has become unusable for me.

Especially on my phone (but on desktop as well) it just does not load anymore as it should.

We only get 100-200 visits a day, but we keep getting errors, or half baked loading of widgets.

Two errors are 99% of the time occuring:

  1. Your connection is not secure error - which is BS, it is and has been fine since forever.
  2. Some Empty response ERR. causing the program not to load at all.

Strange thing got my attention as well, on a refresh i notice this string:

It looks double inserted?

We did a fresh install on Matomo already (on old dbase obviously to keep data) and cleaned archives.

Any suggestions?


That doesn’t mean things don’t change. Browsers are starting to show more and more warnings for things that aren’t perfectly secure, but were acceptable before.

Can you post the exact errors in the console of your browsers developer tools and maybe of the php error log.

That’s intentional and no error.