Searching programer for a Plugin

(Sawascwoolf) #1

Hi Community,

I´m searchin a programer who will code a Plugin for me.
Ok here are the things the plugin should do:
-I want to create multiple categeories on my own (I could do this in program code)
-I want the plugin to have a function to add the data automatically (once per day) from my own script
-It should be able to import the data for the past (from ma own script)
-For every categeory there should be a widget (like the graph of last visitors)
-My scripts needs for every Homepage some other parameters. It should be able to set them on a new Settings-page in Piwik

some descriptions:
a category for example could be the count of new forum topics, or the count of new posts made over the day.
So in each category there is one number which is assigned to one homepage on one day.

Sorry for the bad english, if anything is unclear please ask.
I think we will get together if you are interested in program this plugin for me.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Contact Piwik consultants at for custom Piwik development work.