"search keywords with no results" shows no results


I found some previous discussions about the title, but not just exact this case:

We changed our woocommerce webshop server and before that there were some problems. We have matomo as a plugin.

Any ideas how should we try to find the reason?

Didn’t find a way to update post, so additional info comes here :slight_smile: PHP 8 now

I am not an expert on woocommerce… But Maybe I can try to help…
To get keywords with no result, an HTTP request must be sent to Matomo when the user uses the search feature of your website and there is no answer… (as an HTTP request is sent when there is some answers…)
Can you check this?
Also, how do you track searches within your application?

Thanks for your reply! I’ll forward your message to a person who installed Matomo plugin to our webshop.

The wordpress matomo plugin is version 4.6. and the most recent matomo version is 4.10.1. When would next version for wordpress be available and would it be possible that it corrected this problem?