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can anyone explain why the URL’s of the search engines are displayed under the channel types in the websites?
And why is the number of visits there significantly higher than the visits under the channel type search engines?
Doesn’t Matomo recognize every reference of a search in a search engine?




Normally Matomo should detect the search engine if the referrer matches an entry in this list:

I can’t think of a reason why this would not work. Is this a new change? Maybe it is a bug.

Hi Lukas,

when I look at the tracking data of the last years in Matomo, it always looks the same as above.
Although the individual search engines websites appear in SearchEngines.yml (e.g.,, they are listed as a website.
It is different with Google. Strangely enough I did not find the following Google URL’s in SearchEngines.yml:

I’m a little at a loss


‘google.{}’ matches all google.tld subdomains.


Each configuration needs to contain one ore more urls. Please only define the hostname. You can use {} as a placeholder for country shortcodes in subdomains or tld.

  • {} would also match or
  • searchengine.{} would also match or


  • For TLDs only {} would also match combined TLDs like . (Full list com.*, org.*, net.*, co.*, it.*, edu.* )
  • The first URL will be used for the icon, so the most popular/representative URL should be placed there

GitHub - matomo-org/searchengine-and-social-list: List of Search engines URLs, keywords and Social network URLs definitions used by Matomo Analytics

but I didn’t find an entry for Google like this:{}

And why do the other search engines websites appear in the channel type “websites”?

Okay, I worded this a bit badly:
There is an entry here:

So Matomo should automatically group all referrers that look like google.something into the search engine category. If it doesn’t (as it looks like for you), then this is maybe a bug.

Okay, I understand.

Then it’s a bug. And now?

Could you please create a bug report with as many details as possible:

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