Search Engine Performance broken after last update

Since we updated this plugin in the last few days, it has broken.

We have multiple Google accounts linked and now all of them show the sites listed as shown in the first added Google account, which means some of the sites that are on secondary accounts, all show errors.

Even removing one of the secondary accounts, re-adding it, it still lists the sites in the first Google account that are not related/linked to the secondary account added.

This was all working fine until this update so a fix would be appreciated! (Or at least steps to downgrade from this buggy release)

Ad this concerns a premium feature, did you try to reach the customer service? (shop at matomo dot org)

I did not as the forum says I can raise here…?

"If you have purchased a Premium plugin, we are always happy to help you. Feel free to ask your questions in this forum or you can also email our Support team at shop at "

Is this not correct?

As this seems to be urgent, (and I don’t have answer), I suggest you contact the support team :wink:

In touch with customer through support channel

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