Search Engine Keywords Performance - Connection multi-compte Google

(Emmanuel) #1


J’utilise le plugin Search Engine Keywords Performance depuis quelques jours, j’ai réussi à configurer la partie Bing, puis un compte Google.

Lorsque je tente de configurer un deuxième compte Google ( Compte Pro + Compte test ), celui-ci déconnecte le 1er au bout de quelque temps avec le message suivant :

An error occured while validating the account connection: { “error”: “unauthorized_client”, “error_description”: “Unauthorized” }

J’ai tenté plusieurs configuration, et dès l’ajout d’un compte Google cela me “désactive” le précédent.

Avez-vous une idée pour ajouter plus d’un compte Google?



I use the Search Engine Keywords Performance plugin for a few days, I managed to configure the Bing part, then a Google account.

When I try to set up a second Google Account (Pro Account + Test Account), it will disconnect the first one after a while with the following message:

An error occured while validating the account connection: {“error”: “unauthorized_client”, “error_description”: “Unauthorized”}

(Stefan Giehl) #2

Hi there,

I’m not able to reproduce that issue. We have some instances running with multiple accounts connected.

What exactly do you mean with Pro & Test account?
And is it always the same account that gets “disconnected”, or is it the first or last that was connected?

(Emmanuel) #3


In different Google Accounts, I have a pro account (corporate customers) and an account serving me only for sites I’m testing where the test account name. During configuration, it is always the last configured account that remains connected, the other displays the error message below.

In the meantime, so I have only one account connected … But I still have no information of reassembly for 1 week, except the tab Crawling error (on Bing) Although I have not no more errors displayed in the admin.