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First of all thanks for such a fine script! I find piwik to be much better than Google analytic.

Anyway, I just starting to use Piwik and someone keep spamming my website. Can someone guide me how to use the API so I can search for the spammer IP address? I have the spammer ip address and I need this search because I have several sites on piwik and I want to know if the spammer have already visited my other sites before.

I tried phpmyadmin to search for the IP address but it is not working as all IP address has been converted into some kind of id keys.


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You can use the Visitors > Visitor Log, or look at Live API: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Thanks the information. I know the live visitor log, but the problem is I have hundreds of visitors a day, and with the different visitor log coming in everyday, flipping through the visitor log page by page to find the ip address is really troublesome. Is there anyway that I can search the specific IP address and the system will list it down?

thanks !

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you can add &segment=visitIp== in the hash tag in the URL to show only one IP


you can add &segment=visitIp== in the hash tag in the URL to show only one IP[/quote]

Thanks Matt! This is awesome. Do you know how to acheive the same with a custom variable? Something like…


I’ve tried every combination I can think of. Can’t get it to work. Thanks again.

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see : Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo


To Know the details about spammer IP address, visit this site This site might provide you to search for list of spammer’s IP address. This gives the Information of their Service provider, IP Location and Network etc…


Ok well after a lot of research I found a work-around to search and list all activity from an IP number within a one-year time period.

Hopefully filtering results by IP will be a built in feature in the future (hint hint) (tu) but until then, this post describes how one can filter results for a single IP one year at a time:

Search for IP Number within Piwik’s log

hope this helps others

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Actually it is already possible to filter all statistics by IP Address in Piwik :slight_smile: This works the same way you did it, but you may create the segment using the segment editor: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo