SE robot tracking

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I am curious if any progress has been made on tracking search engines when the crawl your site. I understand that they do not use javascript and that currently, my installation of piwik is not tracking them.

Ideally what I would like would be to see how they got to my site (aka backlink tracking). So I could say "oh great, google found that article I posted on a friends site a week ago… etc. From what I understand referrer tracking is JS, so am I out of luck in this regard?

Thanks, any thoughts or comments are welcome.

Thanks Anthon. Think you could point me in the direction of how to switch over to the piwik php tracking? Does it provide all of the same information? If not, is it possible to run both tracking methods?


OK, I found the documentation referring to using the PHP-API tracker (for anyone who is interested it was located under the js tracking code in piwik – settings>websites>site tracking code).

But I still haven’t determined if it will yield the same information as the javascript tracking code. Will I be able to see how a user entered my site (google keyword or a link posted somewhere on the internet)?


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the PHP api allows tracking of keyword/website, as long as you call setUrlReferer() with the referrer URL used to reach the website when you record the first page view for this visit

One good solution to track SE robot is RobotStats: RobotStats v1.3 | Télécharger Download Robot Stats |