Script with import logs backup

If I have the scripts on the page and also import the server logs will I be double counting the visitors or does the import script de-duplicate ?

This is similar to this very old request which is also relevant. Did this ever get implemented ?


Reading the feature request related to your problem:

It seems it has not been solved yet.

Also, the above GitHub feature request concerns only the duplicates coming from several server logs files imports. But not about hits coming from both server log file and HTTP (or JavaScript) tracking API. How would then Matomo identify a hit is the same from server log file and from HTTP API? Okay, for a hit, the IP and page URL may be the same (not sure for the URL if for example the tracking API changes it)… But log files have no knowledge about the visitor ID. Also you can’t rely on times, because there is some delays between:

  1. the server time for the page hit
  2. the client time for the page loaded
  3. the Matomo time when receiving the tracking