Screwed up update!


I’ve been using Piwik for several months now, but I never updated since my host wouldn’t allow the automatic updates. So I had actually been using version 0.3.7 until a couple of days ago

I decided to manually update, so I backed up the config file as well as the database and overwrote everything with the last update (0.5), after which I went to the page and had do update the database or something. I tried, but it gave me errors and suggested I do it manually (add an index to the 2 tables), i did that, and manually changed the core version.

Now it would display my stats, but for several days, nothing new although I’m sure I got visits - it used to register everything
So i checked the tracking code, and it turns out that the javascript had been slightly modified since my previous version - so I changed it to the new code on my pages

At which time, the update 0.5.1 was also already out, I tried automatic update, but it wouldn’t work, apparently after the remote download, a config file was missing, oh well, so I updated manually again (overwriting everything)

It still doesn’t seem to work correctly, i had one registered visitor today and I know there should be more, at least there should be myself!

Did anyone here encounter such a problem? The worst is, it seems like the new install doesn’t really register stuff in the old database, did something change?

what is your website URL where we can see the piwik tags?