Scheduled tasks error on sending email reports

I got a mail from crontab, was indicating there was a problem with the sender email address but, I can’t figure out.
Anyone may help? Would be appreciated

ERROR CoreConsole[2015-11-30 11:16:06] [e2f63] Got
invalid response from API request: https://stage_server/piwik/index.php?module=API&method=CoreAdminHome.runScheduledTasks&format=csv&convertToUnicode=0&token_auth=tokenauth&trigger=archivephp.
Response was 'task,output
Piwik\Plugins\ScheduledReports\API.sendReport_78,ERROR: An error occured while
sending ‘PDF Email Report -’ to existing@mail.account.tld.
Error was '5.1.7 Bad sender address syntax

ERROR CoreConsole[2015-11-30 11:16:06] [e2f63] 1 total
errors during this script execution, please investigate and try and fix these

Hi tassoman,

do you have the same error, when you send an “email Report now” from “Email reports page”, You can test sending the email in
"your profile" --> “Email reports” --> column “SEND REPORT TO” and there klick on “Send Report now”.

Same error? Or is ist only an error while scheduled mail is sent.?


Thank you @kordo for your useful reply. The send now report worked flawless… Still can’t figure out what’s wrong with cronjobs.

Hi there, FYI there is an issue about this: Emails sending issue through cronjob: Bad sender address syntax · Issue #6717 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
maybe you could comment there?

I guess is it because now I can rember it’s the same Piwik version installation :wink: