Save settings in the internet is not possible

(Benjamin Jung) #1


'm new here and am now writing my first post:

So I have the following problem:
When I signed with my Piwik admin dashboard and in the settings, go to change the display on the dashboard of the visitors today but I can not save! On what is that? The same is struck with when I’m on the list and wants to manually specify a date when I click on the date does not it! And another thing: If I add a new widget on the list will not work there!
On what is this?

Really need help!

Thanks for your help!

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Jung

PS: I’ve known it with the Micrsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome tried! Makes no difference!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

are you using latest version? was it working before or it never worked? try to re-upload all files, then delete tmp/assets/ directory and try again?

(Benjamin Jung) #3

Thank you for your answer!

Be I use the version 1.4 as I would have to know the latest! It has never worked before. He has always shown the statistics from the last day. I tried what you suggested and I re-upload the files. But it still does not work. And the directory / tmp / assets / delete I can not!

What do I do now?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Please try the latest RC version: 301 Moved Permanently

(Benjamin Jung) #5

I have now installed the new version! But unfortunately still the same problem. What I have noticed is that I’m the files in / tmp / assets / can not delete. What I also find it strange that these files have the Atribute 644. To delete the files would need man but 744th If I want to change this is the error: Can not modify Atribute of deleted files!