Samsung s2530 mobile no tracked

piwik works fine, but the visit by samsung s2530 mobile are not tracked.
What is wrong ?

Does this phone run javascript?

in browser setting there is “JavaScript enabled”

Browse to and send us a screenshot.

If this is a WAP phone, then the User Agent string probably isn’t parseable. One option is to install the Mobile Analytics plugin along with Tera-WURFL.

The mobile phone could not create and use a cookie. But the piwik is worked by the cookie texts. so the piwik can’t track the visits via samsung s2530 mobile phone.

Piwik should also work without cookie, so this is not the reason? unless a cookie related error is thrown

I unfortunately don’t have a s2530 to diagnose, and it’s possible its ECMAScript implementation is substandard. piwik.js requires ECMAScript 1.5 or higher.

Your user agent: SAMSUNG-GT-S5230W/S5230WXIJH3 SHP/VPP/R5 Jasmine/1.0 Nextreaming SMM-MMS/1.2.0 profile/MIDP-2.1 configuration/CLDC-1.1

Browser info:

boolean false

Operating System info:

boolean false

Yeah, that’s a job for the Mobile Analytics plugins + TeraWURFL. Mobile Analytics · Issue #1274 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

See request for a better device detection (Tv, console, versions for OS, mobile device) in piwik! this ticket: Better Device detection (mobile, TVs, consoles, etc.): New "Devices" report? · Issue #3612 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub