Safari High Bounce Rate & Low Avg. Time on Site

(adamchal) #1

Is anyone else noticing much higher bounce rates, lower avg. time, and lower actions per visit for Safari (compared to other User Agents) on site in the Browser Report.

I have attached a screen shot of the “Visitor browsers” widget.

I am also running Google Analytics on the site where these metrics are being gathered. I noticed the discrepancy from the Google Analytics report, where Safari’s Bounce Rate, Actions per Visit, and Avg. Time on Site are very close to the data for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • Adam

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

can you check that enable_detect_unique_visitor_using_settings is set to true in config/global.ini.php ? This is a bug in current release, that’s fixed on SVN. Please update your config file if it’s not at right value, and let us know in this post if data for the next days still bugs for safari.